BAMBAM Fabric Slide Gloves pirštinės (INCLUDING PUCKS)

BamBam fabric slide gloves are made for freeriding. With their fresh look they represent the summertime and the good vibes in this action sport. The materials BamBam used are all vegan. They are lighter than the leather gloves but still resistant. The material is a resistant synthetic leather roadside and four-way lecra on the upper side. You don't have to disclaim the typical strengthening on fingertips, side of palm and thumb. These are the specifications:

    Fresh Bam Bam design

      Durable synthetic leather roadside

        Durable four-way lecra on the upper side

          Extra strengthening of fingertip, side of palm and thumb

            Extra soft pads for more comfort

              Double seam at velcro fastener and strap

                Perforated side of the fingers

                  Vegan material used

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